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What We Do

We help you acquire firearms and ammunition.


Firearm Sales

Firearm Sales

Customer service oriented, we can help with the process of obtaining firearms and/or ammunition.  We typically do not keep firearms in stock, but can assist you in finding what you need.   Handguns must be on the California roster of items Certified for Sale.

Ammunition Sales

Ammunition Sales

We are licensed to help you transfer ammunition purchased from online resellers in accordance with California law.  Please forward us any order confirmation emails you receive from online sellers.



We will guide you through the regulations and requirements for purchasing firearms and ammunition. Our aim is to help you.  Contact us if you have any other questions.


Outstanding support

Our focus is to provide the best support for our customers.  We are here to answer questions and help you obtain the firearms and ammunition that you need.

About Us

Bill Santos - Owner of NorCal Firearm Supply


Bill Santos, a law enforcement veteran with over 17 years of service, founded NorCal Firearm Supply in 2019.  A home-based FFL business, firearms and ammunition can be purchased at wholesale prices.

Firearms Acquisition

NorCal Firearm Supply provides a customer oriented service.  We understand the difficulties in the current day climate of obtaining firearms and ammunition, and our mission is to help our customers acquire those firearms that they wish to purchase.

We believe in Second Amendment rights.

2nd Amendment

We believe in the Second Amendment right to own and bear arms.  We also support groups that ensure  citizens of the United States are allowed to continue to enjoy the freedoms provided for by the 2nd Amendment.

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NorCal Firearm Supply satisfies its customers


(A Google Review)

I found NorCal Firearms online and filled out the form to get a quote on a rifle. Bill responded quickly, found the rifle, and gave me quote less than I could find at local gun stores. I’m an experienced gun buyer and this was by far the easiest purchase I’ve made. Bill was professional, communicated well, and made appointments that fit my schedule (No more standing in line at big stores). I will definitely be using him again for guns and ammo.

A. Gwirtz

Let Us Help

Whether you are a first time buyer, or an experienced gun owner, we can help you acquire the firearms and ammunition you want.  We promise to make it easy and convenient.

NorCal Firearm Supply

NorCal Firearm Supply

Office visits by appointment only
Manteca, CA  95337

Customer Service Hours:
Monday - Friday 9am-6pm

Phone: (209) 253-8880



NorCal Firearm Supply - FFL for sale and transfer of firearms and ammunition
NorCal Firearm Supply - FFL for sale and transfer of firearms and ammunition